River City Wrestling Club Inc.

River City Wrestling Club is a Domestic Nonprofit Corporation registered with the state of Indiana and a 501(c) tax exempt organization.

River City welcomes financial support of it's mission to promote the sport of amateur wrestling to the Greater Lafayette area and to the state of Indiana. Interested businesses and individuals can use the link at the right to donate and should feel free to contact us for additional information concerning donation opportunities.

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River City Wrestling Donation Levels   Letter of Recognition Website Recognition Social Meida Recognition Team T-Shirt Team Polo Banner (2'x4') Recognition Commemorative Plaque $100 - Youth Sponsor           $200 - Mat Sponsor       $350 - Season Sponsor       $500 - Team Sponsor     $1000+ - Gold Medal Sponsor   Sorry, your browser does not support inline SVG.

All donations will be applied to the general fund unless otherwise designated.

Youth and Season Sponsorships

Generally, a Youth Sponsorship allow us to offer a Session scholarship to a single athletes, whereasa Season Sponsorship allows us to offer a single annual scholarship.

Mat Sponsorships

Businesses (and individuals) who provide a Mat Sponsorship will have a 2'x4' banner created (there is an initial $25 set up charge) featuring their logo and art (provide or we can help design) that will be displayed on our practice wall throughout the donation year and displayed on or near our mats during RCWC events.

Team Sponsorships

Team Sponsors also will have a banner displayed on their behalf throughout the donation year and will receive a Team Polo (as available).

Gold Medal Sponsorships

In addition to all the rewards available to Team Sponsors, Gold Medal Sponsors will receive a Commemorative Wall Plaque from River City.

River City Wrestling Club, 2019/20 Season Sponsors

Gold Medal Sponsors

Team Sponsors

Season Sponsors

Mat Sponsors

Youth Sponsors